Monday, January 15, 2007

Treasures of 2006

We are now well into 2007 and I have been making plans on where in England to take my young lion cubs this coming year, I have many places in mind especially up in the North East , some we have visited before and some we haven't. I will of course be posting our adventures on this blog but lets go back to last year. In 2006 my young cubs stood on the south coast of England at the symbolic white cliffs of Beachy Head they also stood on England's remote northern border at the windswept Carters Bar, in between these two rugged symbols of our land they saw mighty castles, magnificent cathedrals, beautiful beaches, green hills, ruins, traditional villages, fayre's and events & even the battle of Hastings on Senlac ridge. To look back on the last year I have posted a number of pictures with this entry to give you a taste of what our England has to offer you. Come to England, It's really cool ! By the way , the pictures are of Bodiam castle, Dunstaburgh castle ruins, Angel of the north, Hever castle, the English border at Carters Bar, Lindisfarne castle & the white cliffs of Beachy head.