Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Northumberland's Coast.

Now when it comes to England's coast, which includes the isle of Wight and the Scilly Isles , you find yourself with around 6261 miles of it to choose from , which is as they say in the North East , 'a canny few like'. My favourite places on England's coast are the Scilly Isles although I have not yet had the pleasure of a visit yet but hope to do so soon along with Cornwall and Northumberland which I am quite familiar with. Cornwall is vastly different from Northumberland in that it is certainly warmer but also quite rocky with beautiful fishing villages and secluded bays. Northumberland on the other hand has quite a low lying coastline in many parts giving access to wide golden sandy beaches with vast expanses of sand dunes and a lot less people. But for me one of the greater attractions of Northumberland's coast is its castles. I love the Northumberland coast and would recommend it to you, why not have fish n chips at Seahouses, take the boat out to the Farne Islands from the little harbour, there are plenty of good hotels, inns and caravan sites to base yourself in along the coast. My best beaches along this coast are Bamburgh, Alnmouth, Dudle Bay, Embleton Bay, Druridge Bay. Here are a few pictures to captivate you.

Picture 1 - Embleton Bay with Dunstaburgh Castle
Picture 2 - Alnmouth
Picture 3 - Bamburgh Beach with castle.