Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aldeburgh in Sunny Suffolk

Picture 1 Beautiful Aldburgh cottages
Picture 2 A perfect day but this fisherman is having the day off.
Picture 3 The large shell with Aldeburgh in the distance.
Aldeburgh in Suffolk has been a port since Roman times however the Roman area is now under the sea. It is a delightful typical English seaside village with a beautiful long stretch of shingle beach where the village fishing fleet finds rest when it is not at sea. The boats are launched from the beach itself and you can buy fresh fish from the fishermen's huts straight from the sea. The village itself is quite small but perfect for a quiet weekend away with some lovely shops and places to eat alongside some traditional English cottages and a nice pub. Following along the beach towards the north one finds a rather stunning shell sculpture made of steel embedded into the shingle which provides a great place to picnic and it is perfectly situated to enjoy other attractions nearby which will follow this entry. England is cool