Sunday, October 22, 2006

Remembering our last true Englisc King

Last Saturday (14.10.06) was the 940th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings in which the last true Englisc king was killed along with his Huscaerls on Senlac hill which is located in the pretty little town of Battle, East Sussex. I along with my young Lion Cubs and the Mighty Bison of Suffolk with his cubs went down to watch the biggest re-enactment of the battle even seen on the actual battlefield. Over 3,500 took part in the battle with around 15,000 spectators present. It was an impresive sight with our lads taking their position along the ridge gathered around the fighting man banner of Harold Godwinson & the snail chompers facing them at the bottom of the hill supported by mounted knights. They then went on to demonstrate how the battle was fought on thet day 940 years ago on the very spot that it was fought.
The actual battle itself in 1066 A.D was a close run thing, closer than most people know but as you do know, the end result was that our King Harold was killed and his famous Huscaerls fought to the last man around his body. He was later buried in the grounds of Waltham Abbey in Essex. I have posted here some pics of the day which show the Saxon army gathered along the ridge infront of Battle Abbey (notice the red fighting man banner of Harold) , The Saxon line awaiting the Norman attack, The Normans attack with cavalry & My Lion cubs at the spot where Harold was killed. Finally a picture of Harold's resting place at waltham Abbey in Essex.

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Anonymous said...

I'd always considered Richard III as her last true King.