Saturday, October 21, 2006

Resting place of Bede & Cuthbert

Here is my first entry, call me biased but this is the city in which I was born, my home and my heritage. I don't live here nowadays, I moved away 11 years ago but I visit once or twice a year to take my young Lion Cubs up to see the family. I am very proud of my city and the County it belongs to. In medieval times it was a semi independent state governed by Prince Bishops whom only answered to the King. It had it's own armies & currencies. Prior to that it belonged to the Anglo Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. It is the only city outside of London who's mayor has a bodyguard, and it's Bishop has the honour of holding the monarchs left arm at coronations.

Today it is the home of England's third university, a first class cricket team and some beautiful wooded riverside walks with fantastic views of the castle & cathedral like those above , come visit historic Durham City and be captivated by it's majestic scenery.

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